25 thoughts on “WTF Is… – Poker Night at the Inventory? – Part 1

  1. I’ve only played the sequel, so I thought I’d have a nose for the original
    game and found your video here 🙂 Was interested to see who the
    characters were, and it appears that both games have Max in common and the
    sailor host guy. Everyone else is different though, and the cards are
    dealt by a CCTV/robot called GLaDOS that have some hilarious one-liners.
    Anyway, love the commentary on your vid, and great comparing both games.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. actually i think u got confused. Max is the one who doesnt play with the
    cards, hes just supporting and spectating Sam.

  3. 1. Periods are almost unseeable so it barely makes a difference anyways 2.
    This is the internet Rule #1 about the internet is NOBODY GIVES NO SHITS

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