25 thoughts on “WSOP Poker BAD BEAT (4 Aces beat)

  1. His reaction at 0:40 is priceless lmaooo.. He would be like, ‘oh my fucking
    god that didn’t just happened, Fuck My Life’!Lmaoo

  2. your guys are all morons, there are no suck things as different suit
    values. Spades is worth just as much as hearts,diamond or clubs, IN every
    poker game. if two players have a royal flush they will split the pot.

  3. @Bowserkills7 Wrong. Maybe the preflop raise wasn’t strong and he checked
    the flop trying to trap? It doesn’t show what happened prior to the turn
    where “The Red Head” hit a straight. He obviously knows what he’s doing if
    he was that far into the main event.

  4. I want to see the entire hand. How did KJ even make it to the flop against
    AA, and then past the flop with nothing but the one-ended broadway draw?

  5. @VicenzoV Hellmuth likes to trap people and having 4 aces, I doubt he could
    ever lay them down. And why should he. Only one hand beats 4 aces and you
    start laying down hands cause your opponent “could” have that one hand,
    well, your not going to last too long. No one would or should ever throw
    away 4 aces. Your comment is both stupid and wrong.

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