21 thoughts on “WSOP 2013 – Main Event Final Table Part 10 World Series of Poker 2013 (LIVE)

  1. Loosli is a worst player than Farber!! Dumbass screws up TWICE at the final
    table with his re-raise chip push. Dumbass. I was so glad he didn’t stumble
    into the 3rd place finish. Go back to France you stupid frog. This is POKER

  2. JC Tran got screwed with crap starting hands – but in all reality he played
    really sloppy early on during the final table. He should have just held
    tight and let some of the other freaks knock each other out. He took way
    too many unnecessary stabs early on. He was too cocky with his big stack.

  3. IF it was poker stars Trans ace would have come for sure. fuck poker stars
    and fuck online rigged garbage

  4. damn this stupid farber guy has no clue how he came so far, his stupidity
    is written all over his face 

  5. Farber is a bad and unfair player, remember the checking situations he’s a
    little rat. but horrible players can easily win the wsop, you see here. 

  6. man i really wanted crazy morgenstern, germans be cray cray
    there is insanity in his calm anguish 

  7. JC Tran class act, got unlucky at final table.

    Hope Reiss gets knocked out next the shaggy haired arrogant cunt

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