25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 – Main Event Final Table Part 3 World Series of Poker 2012 (LIVE)

  1. This guy that does the comments at the break with Kira Scott is awful.
    I never liked Koroknai, but his shove there was actually not that bad.
    Merson’s raise from the BTN is completely irrelevant, his range is as wide
    as it gets. Because of that, and because Jesse is so aggro, when he 3bets,
    it’s still not a very strong move. Given that there’s so much in the pot
    already, his 4bet is great.
    At that point, there is so much in the pot that Merson should have a pretty
    polarizing range. With KQ, you have blockers for most of his value range.
    When he shoves there, there’s so much on the pot that he only needs to get
    a fold eventually to make it a good play. Since he’s folding his entire
    bluff range to a shove, and some of his value range, since Koroknai’s shove
    is so big, this makes it a good play. Since you have blockers, it’s less
    likely that Merson has KK or QQ, which are hands he calls with. Given the
    size of the shove, he could fold AQ, and even AK some of the time. So I
    think his shove is pretty great.
    Merson just happened to have a hand there that he decided not to fold, but
    that’s not gonna be the case every time.

  2. So sad for thomas… he never got a hand, and at the end he got frustrated
    and called with A9o … he deserved more …

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  4. Antonio … betting a third of the pot, you come out ahead if you win more
    than 25% of the time, not 33%

  5. koroknai didnt have a brain explosion…thats just standard european style
    donk play. amen!

  6. How is it not poker when it involves exactly the same rules? The only thing
    that’s different is the strategy, which just makes it a variation. It’s
    still poker.

  7. The cards that Ausmus held were, perhaps, the most insignificant aspect of
    what was going on in that hand.

  8. imo with the table dynamics a 4-bet is a good move with KQo, but after
    Merson 5-bets it shld be a simple fold

  9. Koroknai what an idiot ! So glad to see him KO by Merson ! I guess Gaelle
    Baumann is happy too! This cock sucker should never have been at the final
    table. Salaburu and Koroknai are out and now we have a pretty descent final

  10. Merson’s call wasn’t bad either. This whole situation was predicated on a
    previous hand where Koroknai 4- bet with a weak Ace and got 5-bet. So the
    whole “he’s thinking that I’m thinking that he’s thinking” thing kicked in
    and he made a decision based on the history between those players at the
    table. Merson’s call was probably also based on that history. I agree AK
    isn’t always a great allin hand, but with a good read on your side it can

  11. I agree Merson made the right move, but who’s saying Koroknai is a maniac?
    He played like six hands in five hours.

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