25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 E28 – Main Event Final Table World Series of Poker 2012

  1. I know balsiger only had 10 big blinds but I don’t like a jam with QTo
    there. Would rather jam a small pair there, such that you’ll often have
    around 55% equity. With QTo you’re pretty much behind when called.

  2. I think I’d rather call with AQ than 99 vs balsigers 5 bet shove. Don’t
    even like the 4 bet tbf, anything like AK or AQ shoves over him and he’ll
    still have to fold essentially. Just flat the 3 bet, you’re sticking in
    28million with a middle pair against a range that has you crushed. I really
    am not the biggest fan of Sylvias thinking

  3. And btw Im not playing results, I just think as it went watching the full
    broadcast that his jam surprised me a little

  4. 5:00 Sylvia slowplayed it perfectly until the turn. I think he needs to
    consider balsigers range more, such that not many hands call a jam there he
    beats except TT-AA and obviously full houses. By jamming he lets balsiger
    get away from overpairs and only folds out air. Balsiger may have even bet
    decent rivers, I prefer a bluff catching line here rather than jamming
    praying that balsiger calls with an overpair

  5. Seriously, there was some stupid play at this final table. I know it’s
    heads up, but calling all in with QJ? I’m sure these guys are great
    players, but I don’t get some of those decisions.

  6. Love that call with a pair of nines by sylvia. He seriously called a re
    raise with a pair of nines at the final table of the WSOP. Im no pro
    myself, but that was the biggest donk move ive seen this year.

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  8. So dumb. “The moment that could change one their lives forever”. First
    place : 8.5 million second place : 5.3 million third place : 3.8 million
    Those kids live’s had already been changed at that point haha

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