25 thoughts on “Worst Mistake In Poker!!!

  1. What? Why the fuck is checking back the nuts against the rules that’s
    fucking stupid. The guy can play however the fuck he wants I don’t see
    what’s so wrong with it.

  2. @Crunchytortoise

    Stupid rule if that’s the reason. He could just raise a very small amount.
    And still be in “cahoots” with a player. 

  3. Dumb ass title – the worst mistake is calling of all your chips with the
    second nut. This is a mistake anyone could make after playing for 10 hours.
    If you have never played for ten to twenty hours straight shut the fuck up
    and go back to watching poker on ESPN.

  4. I am getting the logic for this rule but i doubt cheating is the reason why
    it has been implemented (my guess its just a penalty for being stupid or
    too tired – so u get a timeout – cheat is complete ban)…But i wonder 1
    thing: If they would be friends, why would they even play against each in
    the begin with: just lay down all time even if AA vs AA as soon the 3rd
    nonfriend not plays..make small games between the friends just to get the
    small blind cash backs from 1 of the friends who lays down as the 3rd
    “victim” folding ( or friends fold big/small blinds by turn with a not too
    simple algorithm…). So in the end this rule makes less sense to me unless
    the “2 friends ” r not smart..I know its cheat/unfair (as ppl would care
    anyway – they do worse for alot less cash..) but did i miss another rule
    which can prevent this? in this case : can the punk guy kick 2 ppl off
    table if they never paly against each like this (perma folding preflop
    against each unless small pots see above…) ??

    If there is no further rules and u think about it, the % prohabilities of
    the 2 cards in their hands is just maculature (at least pre-flop). And it
    would not suprise me if “propoker” players make such thoughts not just
    between 2 friends.More or less in their hole community … maybe someone
    here can recommend to me if there is literature or rulesbooks bout such
    things which can verify /falsify my thoughts. Thx

  5. He was just in the moon that’s all.
    As a croupier I can say (when sometimes I sadly have to deal poker) that
    every fucking poker player make mistakes. And this one is not the worst. SO
    don’t blame him.

  6. tourneys have strict rules regarding betting the nuts. there is no reason a
    player would check the nuts when last to act. unless he was saving hes
    opponent chips.

  7. What if you want to see what kind of range the BB is defending with?
    Information can be worth much more than a few BBs. However, I noticed that
    the BB mucked, but in UK the rule is that if it goes check check on the
    river then both hands are shown.

  8. I think this rule is implemented to prevent “soft play” and collusion since
    there is only two reasons to check back the nuts. This first is you misread
    your hand, the second is you are cheating. Even if you think your opponent
    never will call you should still bet something even if it is an incredibly
    small amount. Sometimes you should drastically overbet or shove because
    most novices think this is a bluff. Since they are not novices a very small
    bet could look like a blocking bet and induce a bluff from a savvy
    aggressive opponent. 

  9. folding the nuts? but i mean, a penalty? that’s pretty stupid. shouldnt he
    be able to play with his nuts however he wants?!

  10. i didnt get why he got a penalty ? for what ? I would be pleased if
    somebody would explain me that :S

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