8 thoughts on “World Series of Poker 2005 Event12 2000R Pot Limit Omaha PokerWay info

  1. Additionally when you have AAJ10 double suited there is bigger chance
    you’ll get paid off when you hit your flush, because of still possible
    second nut flush in your opponents hand. Its better to hold A10 of clubs on
    a club board than AK

  2. AAJ10 can hit straight 6 diff ways (987,Q98,KQ9,AKQ,KQJ,KQ10), AAKQ only 4
    ways (J109,AJ10,KJ10,QJ10), AAQJ 5 ways (1098,K109,AK10,KQ10,KJ10). AAJ10
    can flop 12 card straight draw (KQx), open ended str draw (98x) and 8
    diffrent gutshot straight draws (87x,97x,K10x,Q10x,KJx,QJx,AKx,AQx). AAKQ
    only 12 card str draw (J10x) and 7 gutshots
    (AJx,A10x,KJx,K10x,QJx,Q10x,109x). AAJ10 has much more straight possibilties

  3. aHAH that was so great, max goes all in blind and he flops the other guy
    dead, plus he gets the guy to call, ahah GOLD

  4. 02:why not AA QJ double suited? thats better than AA JT isn’t it? how about
    AA KQ double suited? there’s no real best starting hand i omaha, norman…

  5. @ 3:56 pescatori has 2 clubs so he and I wanted 2 more clubs and the dealer
    gives he and me 3 clubs what a way to start a final table

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