9 thoughts on “Wizard of Odds Teaches Three Card Poker

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  2. I don’t agree with his strategy actually. Also remember that even though
    you may only have a J/9/8, the dealer needs a Queen to qualify for the
    hand. If you bet on both the Pair and ante and decide to play that hand and
    the dealer doesn’t qualify, remember that you break even, you don’t look
    anything. Never put more on the pair vs anti because if that type of
    situation happens you end up losing more. I always equal out the pair +
    ante so if anything I break even.

  3. Yay! My favorite table game recently. First time I sat down on a three card
    poker table, it was 10 dollar minimum bet. Played exactly 100 hands total
    (i counted lol). Got VERY lucky. 13 pairs, 5 flush, 2 straights. At the end
    of the 100 hands, I came up 280 dollars total. I recommend ALWAYS betting
    on the pair plus bets, because it feels good when you win big! Also, he
    didn’t mention it here, but there is also a jackpot bet. Always bet a
    dollar on the jackpot.

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