25 thoughts on “Win Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments Everytime Using This

  1. Genuine question, if this guy has such great stats and great wealth from
    Poker, why not put your name up on at the beginning of the video on screen,
    so that I can check the Hendon Mob database for your Gross winnings in Live
    MTTs? Maybe tell me what username you use on various websites and I can
    look you up on ‘Sharkscope’ or similar? I tried putting in some various
    spellings of the name the guy states at the beginning, but I’m having no
    joy in finding anything about him? His introduction of himself is somewhat
    OTT..even the top Pro’s have downswings that can sometimes last over 12
    months. Lets take the Legendary Daniel Negreanu as example, who had a poor
    2012, in comparative to his own high standards and his position on the
    All-Time Money List. He re-focused for 2013 and came back this year to
    dominate the MTT game once more and be awarded WSOP Player of the Year..I
    wish the Hendon Mob would do Live ITM stats, of say, the current 50 top
    Pros on the All Time Money List..reason why they wont? The Poker Industry
    don’t really want people to know how hard it is to regularly win at Poker,
    year in-year out,..It is estimated that only 3,000 Poker players in the USA
    make over $30k every year from their Poker play…I read that a while back,
    but cant find the link now, sorry…A lot of Poker Pros will say that if
    you dont find the game fun anymore at some point, you need to think about
    quitting e.g you must take the bad beats on the chin, enjoy your time at
    the table,socialise with the otherplayers, make sure can BRM or at least
    afford what you might lose as a Recreational amateur.if you cant do a true
    BRM of your buy-ins…Best Wishes to all

  2. Im a ex pro and never seen u before. Ive made my living in vegas rooms
    fella. Never once seen u there..hmmmm!! Red flags with ur long winded
    speach. G/l teaching sumthing u kno nothing about. Imo..lol

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  7. my exact feelings. went to his page and of course for only bla bla bla . so
    fkn misleading. wont even give the dates of the so called winning checks.

  8. always tries to avoid coin flips in tournaments??? you know that you
    contradict yourself when u speak of structures then u say something like
    this… u go for coin flips mid late typically after the money bubble
    break, follow up on shaun deeb for more..

  9. this strategy is absolutely amazing! i love to play poker and i lose my
    chips alot and get mad and quit. well i watched this and went back to
    playing on my iphone and went from 2m to 8m in about 10 minutes using your
    strategy…thnks alot!

  10. all good advice, but at the end of the day you can’t force someone to fold
    a bad hand they beat you with…to many idiots think they are good.

  11. I’ve sat at my computer chair for 12…13, even 14 hours one time. I think
    i’ve got the hang of this

  12. YEH $67 AINT FREE…you can get all tips on poker online inc strategys etc
    if you search enuff and most players know the game by instinct nowadays or
    learn from vids all free..nothing new you can tell us ..i have only 3 tips
    for poker players…1. learn as you go from experience 2. don’t rely on
    luck, overused word in poker..but i won’t say know to it…watch as many
    vids, read up on as much info on poker and players ..3 methodical
    betting,not gambling your last buck..gg all

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