25 thoughts on “Top 5 Poker Blow Ups

  1. The part that I hate the worst is sore winners. If you haul the pot that
    you clearly were a long shot to claim, it’s best you keep it a little low
    on the banter level when your opponent’s agonizing over his loss. I
    personally just try to keep it quiet and respectful. Like that hand vs
    Matusoff.. no need for the suckout guy to chime in at all. 

  2. In the Matusow blowup…sucks for Raymer who would have flopped a set and
    turned a boat hahah. The cards are such assholes sometimes…

  3. yeah, how was that a blow up???? i mean, it was emotion, but he didn’t
    necessarily “blow up” did he?

  4. Read any Daniel Negreanu book and I assure you the play would have been to
    call that raise from Phil.

  5. Uhhh…Q-10 suited is a good hand to play for this exact reason. You make
    it sound like the guy knew what Phil had or something or he was supposed to
    get away from a strong draw with a raise. He had Q-10 suited which turned
    into a straight, the exact type of thing you want to happen. What the hell
    kind of poker do you play? A-A only?

  6. Hellmuth got abc poker in his head and plays the whole alphabet, but he
    still doesn’t expect for players to play anything else than abc poker. Time
    he steps into 2013 where the game has changed, no guts no glory is
    sometimes the case

  7. hellmuth is right online players are shit most of the time i play a lot
    online when not at casino and alays lose with the best of it i would be
    pissed as him hellmuth is right i given up playing online ppl if they
    played like that in casino most of time they lose all there money unless
    they donk out

  8. mike the mouth know how itis ak and aq always get rivered and aa always
    lose some how i hate them i would fold aa lol

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