25 thoughts on “Top 5 Easiest Online Poker Sites – Poker Site Reviews by Gripsed

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  5. Sure the house cut takes the average winnings for most average players like
    me, but they don’t lock you in unless you for some reason are unable to
    control your spending. It all depends on the site itself.

  6. Not what I was saying at all. When you get those bonuses you have to win
    pass certain limit for you to cash it out it is virtually improbable.

  7. Alphamale227, you should be able to play at Lock Poker (which no longer
    seems to be on the Merge network). If you would rather try something on
    Merge, you could try Carbon Poker or Black Chip Poker.

  8. @kafka1479 This is true for american players. The skin of cake i reviewed
    ‘towergaming’ is on Cake Euro meaning they dont accept american players.
    But for the rest of the world who can play on there they process cashouts
    within 48-72 hours.

  9. Great! I’m gonna start out in a little less than a year and i’ve always
    wondered whcih site to start out on! Great video!

  10. Never play on BOVADA it’s a ripoff site, I know too many good players that
    have tried BOVADA and agree that the fix is in any tournies of the higher
    limit. Stay away from BOVADA or you’ll see what I mean.

  11. @zedzor2 in one of gripsed’s videos, he told his viewers that his friend
    was winning, but not winning enough to beat the rake. If your not losing,
    maybe you should try to put in more money to grow your bankroll and move up
    higher stakes, where the rake will affect you less 🙂 idk your situation
    though maybe its not the rake

  12. Hello! i have same problem as bluenipps. I wonder also where do i put the
    rakeback sign up code for towergaming? 🙂

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