25 thoughts on “Top 10 Micro Stakes Poker Leaks: Episode 1

  1. folding JJ’s pre flop with that 3 bet is a horrible play – in the
    microstakes players are horrible and alot of times make dumb raises with
    A-K never folding that preflop on micro 

  2. Isn’t it a good idea to place a ‘blocker-bet’ at the river situation with
    the AJs? Your opponent probably puts you on a pair/flushdraw and I think
    it’s very likely that he will bluff on a card like a king. Also one of your
    tips was that betting at scarecards is more often thant not the good way to
    play. (I’m pretty new to poker, so please tell me if I’m saying something
    stupid here :p) Really usefull video, Thanks

  3. Yes I am confused about the hand with pocket jacks as well. Reason being
    that especially on a six max table there are very low chances that you are
    even up against another pocket pair much less a pair bigger than jacks,
    although I can see how at best you are still up against over cards facing a
    13x raise from the sb…….

  4. this is probably the best video I saw on low stakes ,thank you for such
    good tips! u remove 30% of my tough spots and hard decisions if part 2&3 is
    going to remove the rest of it I would kill to see. Great job and thank
    you, it is appreciated .

  5. what this guy doens’t understand he says you want to get value for your
    hand he could have flush draw straight draw a pair etc. Well they don’t
    call they raise these days so it puts your one pair in bad spots. I check
    back and bet turn if they check again. If they fire i just all and call
    river keeping pot small bluff catching or losing a small pot.

  6. ok interesting. so what would you call/shove here? would AKo, AKs, QQ be in
    this range? how would you play these here? would a 4-bet shove be
    considered? i just thought it was kind of nitty to fold JJ. what is your
    main consideration here. is it your holding, player type, stack size or a
    combo of all. would you fold if this player had an abnormally high vpip or
    you knew was a calling station or spaz fish?

  7. with the A10 suited why didnt u raise at the turn or even preflop u are
    placing yourself in quite difficult spots because his range is VERY wide..
    and this was a example 2 barrels u call and 3rd barrel u dont know what to
    do and folded thann

  8. ‘lol range of Pocket AA QQ KK JJ 22 and 7x ‘, really? if u put someone on
    such ranges which i find ridiclous its btter to 3bet preflop to NARROW the

  9. do you play at the microstakes? At no point in the video was the phrase ”
    microstakes players only” used. Do you speak english? Watch the video
    again. More likely you will hear “The average microstakes player”, “The
    overwhelmling likelyhood”, “usually” and ” in general”. Everything said in
    the video is true, for the most part. Microstakes players rarely bluff and
    if they do they do it incorrectly and in bad spots. You watch free poker
    training videos then take trash. Shame on you.

  10. The less than full stack makes me assume the player is a passive fish. If a
    passive player makes aggressive moves something is up. I doubt a
    microstakes player who isnt even playing a full stack is thinking about
    3betting light from out of position against a UTG openers range in order to
    rep a monster. More information about tendencies vpip , calling station ,
    spaz fish i would change my action. A calling station likes to call so when
    he 3bets then you gotta ask yourself wh

  11. You folded nearly every hand. Betting then folding a raise every time will
    lose you a lot of money in the long run. I don’t know how many times I’ve
    raised preflop, c-bet and folded on the river to a reraise. I lost a lot of
    chips this way, bad play imo. You need to fold sooner than later, don’t
    chase and bet bigger to steal in most draw cases.

  12. I sometimes would Jam my JJ over his 3bet but I wouldnt think it would be a
    overly profitable move in this situation because the hands he 3bet preflop
    and are calling my shove most likely have alot of equity against pockets
    jacks. The problem is the players stack size. Again this example gives very
    little information about what the villians tendancies were so im just
    saying how i would play this given the average microstakes player who i
    assume is a fish.

  13. excellent material and thought processes. definately moving this over to my
    favorites list to view again on future streets…lol. i play micro-stake
    stt’s so the general feel and play is similar to micro-rings with the
    exception of the end game which is played much differently due to icm
    ranges opening up wider and not much flop play is involved. but i’m trying
    to open my game up a bit in the earlier stages of these games because i
    feel the overly nitty play isn’t always the best approach.

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