25 thoughts on “Tom Dwan Facing KK in a HUGE Pot – High Stakes Poker

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  2. Meltzer must have been crazy to make that call. I wouldn’t have made it
    with that Ace on the board; not for that much money. That’s what makes
    poker such a great game; we all think and play differently and any hand can
    win. Meltzer sure didn’t expect to see what Dwan turned over.

  3. fish criticizing tom dwan, one of the best players in the world.. No one
    raises on A high flops in 3b pots anymore to balance..

  4. I think he was planning a float and just backed himself into the best hand.
    3h Ah Td offers a few good opportunities to make such a play, esp heads up
    in position. If a heart fell on the turn I think he would bet a lot more
    than 46k into a 128k pot hoping to represent that hand. He might have even
    got a read that Meltzer didn’t like the ace on the flop and would have
    tried to represent Ax on the turn.

  5. If was going to call a turn bet he should have just bet out. Then folded to
    a raise or folded to a river bet without improving

  6. Dwan gets paid with monster hands because he makes monster bluffs. He
    probably takes down a boatload of pots with inferior hands because of what
    the other guy doesn’t have, In this case he bet Metzger didn’t have a
    strong ace but by the end he was hoping he did. He probably put him on KK
    or QQ

  7. Srsly this hand couldnt be played more noobish from Dwan….He re-raises
    with J10 preflop, ok, his decision if he wants to represent a strong hand.
    Then he gets re-re-raised, still calls, ok, he wants to hide his hand,
    still representing smth way bigger(like AK). But wtf is that call on the
    flop? If he reading Meltzer on a big pair that would’ve been beaten by the
    Ace he would re-raise him on the flop. He plays this hand as if he would
    rly hope for the 5-outer…..I mean cmon

  8. Meltzers only mistake is to not check-raise the flop, I would’ve done it
    just to take Dwan the opportunity to represent the Ace. I dont blame
    Meltzer for calling the all-in, Dwan could’ve also had 7 3 in that hand…

  9. ELI done it on every show he shouldn’t be on any poker show or any high
    stakes poker cash game. He also complains every show about guys taking to
    long and there huge pots for lots of money. If he got problem with it dont
    play high takes.

  10. Its easy to say when its on tv. if your in a hand against dwan and he
    constantly bluffs and will go all in with nothing your going to hold on
    with your kk. A lot of these guys who are complaining about meltzer i
    guaranteed have called with way worse thinking hes bluffing my big pair is
    good. if some guy bluffign at you over and over again at some point you
    have to call. Last hand of night dwan made moves before. I think it being
    last hand of night had a lot to do with call i think it was fine.

  11. No wonder dawn made millions continuously makes horrendous calls and hits a
    miracle runs so good it’s not even funny!

  12. Elezra is such a prik for saying toms allin first time tonight..he shouldnt
    say anything that might play into meltzers decision to call or not

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