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  1. Dont put all your soldiers in one battle. I always do this with a hand
    dominating my opponents (ace king vs ace 4 on a flop of AQJ ) ALL IN &
    WALLA! 4 on river. Brutal game. Cant let it get to you but when you lose it
    all like that. Trying telling yourself that!

  2. I would suggest any “GOOD” poker player to consider trader too. The two are
    nearly identical except trading is easier. In poker, to make more money you
    have to play better competition. But once you’ve figured the ABCs of
    trading (not a trivial matter) it’s over. Turning 100K into a million is no
    harder than turning $1 into $10.

  3. I have a question for you.. Why can I win sit and go tourneys on a pretty
    regular basis but always lose in cash games ???. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Wow thank you so much man very helpful, very informative, very truthful,
    and blunt I’ve struggled for such a long time with playing professionally
    just because of the fact that you don’t contribute to the world in anyway
    doing this, which is personally why I only do it part time the other time I
    keep a normal job where i’m doing something that’s productive to others:)

  5. 1. Money > women 2. Mistake # 1 you got married. 3. Move closer :P, my
    casino is 5 mins from my place. 4. Tell them to get a job! 5. How’s that a
    con? 6. So is life – deal!

  6. poker is not for everyone, I’m a little scared that in future less and less
    people will be playing it, but whatever I guess. Right about the time whe I
    will really become good at the game is gonna be the time no one is gonna be
    left to play the stupid game, what great timing.

  7. The point you brought up about not adding value to society was something I
    grappled with myself, and I’m only an amateur right now. That said,
    consider that a lot of the money (~30% assuming it’s the same as casino
    revenue) you receive is coming from deadbeats and gambling addicts. There
    is value added in moving money from irrational, self-destructive members of
    society to responsible individuals (assuming you are responsible).

  8. another con that Sam Trickett mentioned was that there is no “buzz” that
    you get friday afternoon because you know its the weekend and theres no
    work, in poker its just another day…and a con that I have is that its not
    a respectful job, people who dont really know the game still think that
    youre just gambling in a casino smoking and drinking and think youre just
    some sleezeball who sleeps with hookers and will never change….but I love
    the game so none of that will stop me

  9. Let’s see…sitting in a cubicle being bored and berated by someone far
    less intelligent than you, or grinding on the felt in any casino around the
    world and making money off my own intelligence and skill set…yea, give me
    poker anyday

  10. I was thinking and mostly dreaming of becoming a poker pro one day, but
    regarding the downswing i`m going through, and that downswings make me
    question my skill and ability over and over again just make me feel like
    s***. I do think for most of the people who really enjoy the game(i love
    it) it would still be way better to play poker part-time so the financial
    aspect of the game could be completly taken out of the equation, i think
    this is my case as well.

  11. His best point is that poker adds no social vale to the world. It’s though
    to be a pro knowing you are in a money exchanges preying off of people’s
    overriding impulse to gamble or ignorance of yen game….to dedicate your
    life to that…

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