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  1. Thanks for your videos! Could u recommend me one or two poker books?? the
    ones which made maybe the biggest impact on your game or was just u know
    full of cool rare important things?? thx in advance!

  2. Is there anything you really can learn from reading a book? Hmmm….Can a
    book teach you how to drive a car, tie your shoes, swim, be a football
    player, etc.. Books are just to get you familiar with a particular subject.
    I think those of us who went to college can co sign that books don’t really
    teach you anything. I know people with degrees in IT but cant really
    troubleshoot a computer. Experience is always the best learning solution.

  3. Please ignore this comment, look at the shear amount of videos this guy has
    uploaded openly sharing his thoughts for no personal gain.

  4. “I’ve read every poker book.” Now go play 100k hands! ha ha! I’ve learned
    more by playing than by reading, but my thinking when trying to
    trouble-shoot difficult situations in poker would be much weaker had I not
    read a lot. You say there is no more US internet poker, but you can still
    play on Lock, Juicy and Bovada, withdrawal’s just take forever.

  5. Waste of time. If you’re going to read a book on poker, get one that’s been
    written in the past 5 years.

  6. A book club I’m actually excited to join. First 3, (I’m guessing), 1. Super
    System 2. Harrington on Holdem 3. Theory of Poker

    FINANCIAL LEVELS! Just finished a boat load of your’e videos. im currently
    trying to take my poker game more serious. Shooting for possible sponsors
    from tourney grinding. COULD I GET A FOLLOW!?OR ANY OTHER GRINDERS AND
    SICKOS!? Twitter username: @Soo_Appalled

  8. Practice makes perfect, but you have to know theory also. I have read some
    books and played number of hands and both develop my game. Also one must
    always think about the exact game, not just follow percentages, push-fold
    charts, Doyle, Harrington or Negreanu blindly. I like to bet my strong
    hands and i like to bet air, but sometimes i check my monsters and
    sometimes i bet strong with them. It depends. And no book is gonna teach
    you when to do it.

  9. Plus there’s the additional factor of skin in the game. The differences
    between knowing what to do intellectually and whether to call $5000 with
    your hard earned money. It can cloud your thinking.

  10. This is so true. When I joined my local poker club the first thing I did
    was, hand histories in hand, ask for advise in my play to the coaches
    there. They half read it and gave me a library list to read ”before I
    play”. WTF? That’s not to say that some of those books weren’t helpful,
    Theory of Poker was eye opening and Ace on the River (not in their list)
    was my code when I only played live, but a lot of that felt like a waste of

  11. Doyle also says in his book he thinks check reraising is a weak play most
    of the time in his book. He says if a guy raises and he calls with like 55
    oop and hits his set he will bet into them because most times the raiser
    wil reraise him then he can just shove on them. And he will do the same
    thing with draws instead of check reraisng it on the flop.

  12. I’m reading Doyles Super system right now. Sounds like he is very agg and
    will put you to the test and gamble a lot in his NL Holdem section .

  13. Everyone Up-Vote. Real question that I think concerns a lot of peoples
    game. How long of a break do you recommend to take before returning to the
    poker tables after a down swing in poker? (Online NL of-course) (I play
    micro’s with fish)

  14. Hey I just started watching your videos tonight, I think they’re great.
    Nice little reminders to keep ya focused. Nice job.

  15. I learned when reading Doyles Book That J10 is the only connecting cards
    tha will give you 4 nut str8s he says its a powerful hand? He also says he
    likes AK more than AA because with AA post flop u when the min or go broke
    because so hard to fold it with AK easier to fold if you dont hit and u
    might hit big hands with them? postflop

  16. Wow… I was literally just thinking about this and I come onto my home
    page and see this, nicely put! This was the problem when Harrington on
    holdem came out, people tried super tight and complained when it didn’t
    work instead of just taking bits and pieces to improve YOUR game

  17. When I first started playing I did really well, but then I read Harrington
    on Hold Em and a few others and didn’t do as well after that. I think I
    started ignoring my gut in favor of thinking about “what would Harrington

  18. fuck this guy, he never comes through with weekly videos like he had said
    before- not consistent at all, lost a fan(at least that’s what i sorta
    thought) here, he might seem confident, but too arrogant

  19. That used to work in live vegas high stake cash games 25+ years ago. Doyle
    even commented how releasing that book forced him to change his game.

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