25 thoughts on “the Poker House :: Trailer

  1. it was pretty good but i only watched because of chloë and jennifer !!!
    surprised of what the story was about!!! good story and inspiring :)

  2. She is starting to play different characters though.. The two memores that
    she’s signed up to do are kind of similar though.

  3. I raise the sun up in the morning and the moon up at night.Theres just
    today and then theres tonight.Anything can happen, anything does.I remember
    when i was ten somebody gave me a diary, i didnt know what to do with it
    cus to much had already happend, i feel that way agian and im 14 and
    nobodys comin to save my ass, it took me a minute to get that.The man in
    the white hat, the man with the white horse, he aint cumin.

  4. true that, she’s still an a amazing actress..each role seem to have no
    similarities whatsoever

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