25 thoughts on “The most stupid poker player that ever played at WSOP is lucky

  1. What makes him the idiot when the Asian dude went all in after the raise
    when 2 6’s were on the flop? Sounds like a bluff went good. Very lucky. I
    know high limit players don’t typically play 6s so he would’ve never
    assumed he had a 6, but what if he did. “the idiot” played it like he had a

  2. that play gets me mad…playing donkey and gets lucky…he never had any
    business pre-flop to play that ugly hand

  3. hey poor stupid f*cks, 25 million chips in the WSOP means that they are on
    the last top 20 players on 6,000 that started the competition, which of you
    can pretend he’ve done better?? Give the dude a break

  4. Woooorst player ever !!! And it reminds me how italians and russians play
    poker !!! Like moorons !! That kind of badbeat would have killed me …!!!
    This guys should have been out way before that….

  5. yeah he’s obv not the dumbest player in WSOP history, but it is pretty
    amazing how badly Italians suck at poker. baffling really. followed closely
    by greeks, the british, brazilians and russians.

    but italians really do take the cake.

  6. Can’t call him stupid for winning with luck on his hand. It’s a gambling
    move. You just gotta have the balls to do it and take the chance.

  7. His celebration was highly disrespectful and is a great example of what’s
    wrong with the professional live game. I hate the “characters” in poker who
    show no respect to their opponents. He got very lucky indeed after making
    an awful c/r then call. He could be forgiven for smiling but he would do
    well to then sit back down and stfu, whilst reflecting on the bad play that
    he made and how lucky he is to still be in the game, rather than running
    around like he’s just won the universe. And yes it’s an awful call. He
    beats bluffs only. It’s players like this who make poker proftable, so
    people should be thanking him for not quitting, rather than mocking him for
    being a monkey. Thanks monkey.

  8. that’s disgusting. I feel bad for Joseph Cheong. That’s the kind of play
    you see in online freerolls. Does that dude really deserve to be sponsored
    seriously ?

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