25 thoughts on “The Donkey Pen: Episode 2.5 – Jesus Loves Poker! (and Donks) – NOW WITH SOUND!!!

  1. this vid has to be the most religious moment in the history of wsop, and
    the most humiliating moment of church evangelism. oh, well, god love the
    world so much…. that he should also embrace poker players, right?…
    wait, what’s with the french kissing japanese girls at 3 :59!? lmao

  2. @vincentvendetta1 it is a GAMBLE to invest in the stock exchange. it is a
    GAMBLE to try to score the girl next door. it is a GAMBLE to choose what
    you want to do in life, because in the future you never know whats coming.
    Funny, if it is a sin to gamble and ask god for help, what are you doing
    watching poker videos? One reason, cause YOU’RE a gambler, and being a
    gambler, you’re acting all humble? Such hypocrisy. Gotta love it honestly.

  3. watkinson is a fukin idiot how can u risk it all with ace 7 to only gain 1
    million at that point… stupid play

  4. @slatur1, what are you talking about, dumbarse? who’re chinese? like you
    could tell them apart in a porn clip, go fuck yourself, dumbarse!

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