25 thoughts on “Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Preflop Lesson – Pre Flop Poker Coaching – Poker 2013 Cash Game

  1. Okay I have a question for you , if I got (k k) and the other player has (
    A 5) and there was (J 10 7 8 5 ) on the table who wins me or him ?please
    replay ASAP thanks

  2. It would be so cool if you brought us a chart that would tell us what game
    is loose based on average pot and hands per hour, and then put the hands
    which should be played based on those stats, since in a loose games playing
    very tight might have negative ev or vice versa. By the way, i really
    appreciate your videos and i think youre doing a great job.

  3. Thank you so much! I am taking notes and learning things I am Sure will
    improve my game! Please disregard any negative remarks from the trolls and
    continue helping those of us that appreciate your effort and knowledge. Let
    alone your willingness to share that knowledge! I do appreciate it.

  4. Nice video…. I also lol’d at the 9 min mark,,,,,, but I think you were
    probably nervous and just forgot to breathe. Enjoyed the video though.

  5. Thanks, hope you check out the new series I am doing. Uploading the first
    video today.

  6. If this wasn’t my most popular video I would redo it haha, but it’s cool,
    thanks for watching!

  7. must have forgotten to keep breathing, really don’t know, thanks for

  8. haha, I know right? I’ll see if I can get her to teach the next one 😉

  9. Nice video, good 101 NLHE…are you nervous on 9mins? seems like out of
    breath..keep up the good work dude…

  10. haha, I don’t really hear it but this was my first video so maybe my voice
    cracked or w/e. Hopefully my audio improves in future videos. Thanks for
    the comment though!

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