25 thoughts on “Poker Strategy — Phil Galfond On Polarized Ranges

  1. because ivey is a introverted badass who doesn´t want to teach the whole
    world how to play poker. but assuming he doesn´t know advanced poker math
    and doesnt understund complicated strategies is stupid. that nigga has done
    his homework too.

  2. It seems like that voice is real background noise. Looks like they are
    doing that interview in a hallway of some big poker tourney.

  3. let all those arrogant bastards think they know it all about poker and
    don’t let it influence yourself. All those geek losers think they are smart
    and think they know all the answers in the whole world. Well I think they
    are dumb ignorant losers and I think they restrict themselves from playing
    normal good poker by trying to analyse too much and not being open minded
    and “outside the box” enough. FUCK EM!!!!!! TAKE THEIR MONEY!!!!!!!!

  4. Lol. Look up ‘Phil Ivey’ on HighstakesDB and see that he won over 19
    million dollars. Yeah, $19,000,000. Just from online poker. He lost $2,34M
    since Full Tilts relaunch though, but even Phil Ivey has downswings.

  5. its too important , way too important to maximise winnings within all
    hands. cash games, for sure but tournament players really need to aswell to
    boost their stack size just that lil bit more

  6. Thats because Ivey does not talk strategy. He just dumbs down his answers
    if he has to. He has a mathematically very sound and profitable strategy
    and probably could talk as long or longer about such a topic

  7. also, how can ppl expect to get paid off when an opponents decision is
    either you have the nuts ( or nutty part of ur range ) or total air. some
    players are reli unbalanced at this point

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