25 thoughts on “Poker Night in America – Don’t Mess with The Mouth

  1. Mike Matusow threatens to punch Shaun Deeb in the mouth after being
    slowrolled. What do you think about Deeb’s play?

    Poker Night in America – Don’t Mess with The Mouth

  2. i would never slowroll, but mike is just such an out of line asshole all
    the time, he really deserved it and should be able to take it better. only
    give, but no receive, right, mikey?

  3. i love how mike always tries to explain himself like he did with QQ. you
    have QQ dude has AA. you don’t have to explain yourself every fucking time
    you have the worst hand, 5b jamming 400BB with QQ is retarded. regardless
    of what he says it’s an incorrect play and isn’t really worthy of an
    explanation. his need to prove that he’s not a donk shows how much
    confidence he actually has in his play not just in this hand but pretty
    much overall. and his bet sizing with JJ was absolutely terrible. As for
    tilting over the slowroll over a 10k pot with his net worth just seems
    pathetic. i know it’s a pretty negative comment, but god I hate people who
    suck and call themselves the best, and who can’t also handle themselves on
    a poker table with 20+ years of experience. 

  4. i’d love to see Matusow ‘try’ to fight someone because they slow rolled
    him. but half the people he plays with are probably as big of a pussy as he

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  6. The joke was it was obvious he intended to make it look like a slow roll
    mikes just a pissy guy sometimes there are exceptions and u should just let
    it go.

  7. its all about money..If it were for $500 or below mike the mouth wouldnt
    have said shit aabout it but since it was like 8k pot and he already got
    stacked off earlier its why he was so pissed off…People that say its bad
    ettiquette to slow roll are right , but in all honesty if I can slow roll
    you and put you on tilt the fck ettiquette!

  8. I googled Fatty…Not that impressive I then googled the Mouth….won his
    bracelet in ’99..Fatty was just 13 years old in “99

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