25 thoughts on “Poker Night at the Inventory Trailer

  1. Why no girls?
    Poker Night 3: Trevor (from GTA V), Harley Quinn (from Batman), Lara Croft
    (from Tomb Raider) and …. I don’t know Someone else :D

  2. poker night 3 characters the engineer from tf2 (team fortress 2) ellis from
    left for dead 2 spider man from spider man the game batman from batman the
    game and… yoshi from super mario

  3. Poker night 3 characters: Ellis – from Left 4 Dead 2 Hank Hill – from King
    of the Hill Eddy – from Ed Edd & Eddy aaaaand… YOKO! (lol)

  4. They are all pretty good suggestions for characters for Poker Night 3, if
    there is one that is

  5. Max and Mona from Max Payne series Lora Croft from Tomb Raider games
    Sterling, Lana, Cyril, Ray, Kreiger, Pam, Carol from the TV series Archer
    Joshua Nolan and Irisa, etc from the Defiance series Jak and Daxter and
    others from the Jak and Daxter series Ratchet and Clank and others from the
    Ratchet and Clank series

  6. If u ask me, I think if they do a Poker Night 3 characters it would be:
    Dealer: Einstein from Back to the future or Doc at the table. Or Marty
    McFly if u want? One or some of the characters from Jurassic Park game by
    Telltales Lee Everett, Doug, Carley, Christa and Omid from The Walking Dead
    Bigby Wolf, Bufkin, Snow White, Colin, Mr Toad, and the Woodsman, etc, from
    The Wolf Among Us/Fables. Norman Jaden and Madison Paige from Heavy Rain
    Nathan Drake, Sully, Chloe Frazier from Uncharted

  7. Poker night 3 – Engineer from TF2 – Kenny from The Walking Dead – Tiny Tina
    from Borderlands 2 – Bigby from Wolf Among Us

  8. Poker night 3 – Vaas from Far Cry 3 – The Joker from Batman -The Hatter
    from Alice -Heavy And Satan as the dealer.

  9. Poker night 3 – Lee, of the the walking dead – Trevor, of GTAV – Joel, of
    the last of us – Booker, of Bioshock

  10. Poker night 3 characters lee from the walking dead Trevor from gta 5 Bigby
    from the wolf among us and iron man because why the fuck not

  11. Beat me once, shame on me. Beat me twice, also shame on me. Beat me three
    times, and I am sent to my death…

  12. Akua shuzen – Rosario vampire (Manga) Ichigo kurosaki – bleach (anime).
    Griff – Red vs Blue And Peter griffin from family guy

  13. Or. Batman from Batman, Nikko from GTA4 Steve from Minecraft Finn from
    Adventure time And Portal companion cube as dealer

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