25 thoughts on “Poker Night 2: Introduction

  1. Poker Night 3/4(maybe)

    Multiplayer with Character Customization
    More Items for other games
    More Poker Rooms
    Few new mysterious characters coming soon
    Background with people drinking, walking, chatting, etc
    Pick your own music
    Funny conversations
    and lots more!!

  2. Poker Night 3
    Kenny (The Walking Dead)
    Victor Sullivan (Uncharted Series)
    Ashley Williams (Mass Effect Trilogy)
    Rouge The Bat (Sonic The Hedgehog Series)

  3. >gets thrown around by the evil force like a ragdoll >falls into a seat at
    the poker table and asks to be dealt in Ash Williams, folks.

  4. That’s too many serious characters, I say instead of Prophet from Crysis 3
    there’ll be the scout from TF2 and instead of Tychus from Starcraft 2,
    it’ll have (and i know it’s a longshot) Deadpool!

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