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  1. I personally start losing in situations when I get bored or basically
    burned out. To counter that I either play a slightly higher stake table for
    more thrill if i can or take a somewhat long break. Play more with tilting
    players and have a good table selection. Keep tabs on your mental state. If
    you lose your focus, realize it, and leave.

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  3. man i wish i was half as smart as you. but then again i probably bust my
    smart iq account if i use half

  4. i’ll played 1,50 $ Sng’s and when i lose 3 times in a row it needs 3 hours
    to get your lost back…then my patience and concentration is gone and then
    i wanna urn it back fast by playing 5$ Sng’s. Stupid thing i can do pffff.

  5. im trying to build my bankroll, you should get started with a no deposit
    bonus. you can get $8 to play no need to deposit any money claim it here
    POK22.COM I didn’t want to go, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to be

  6. Stopped watching after he said “Part of the class I’ll be selling online.”
    If your intention was to sell us something without teaching us a single
    thing beforehand, please do so before you waste 3 minutes and 30 seconds of
    my time.

  7. 1st and foremost thank you very much for your videos and your time and
    effort that you put into them. I really enjoy watching them and having
    “busted” my small poker bankroll yesterday playing 215 sunday’s and warmups
    + hyper hu sng 😉 u know how swingy those games are after losing some in
    the cash games i for the 72nd time told myself I’m done online until I come
    back to the states. But. I do miss playing live, I’m assuming when I come
    back to Cali I’ll start by playing the smallest stakesbut

  8. Hey man if you decided to start grinding your local casino 500nl game, How
    many buyins do you think you’d need as a suitable bankroll? ty in advance

  9. Yeahs its pretty stupid to just say 3% for MTT’s, and 33 buy in swings are
    standard for me rather than unusual.. Nobody considers time spent in $5
    games isn’t going to get u very far in the future tho, something to take
    into account depending on how much u value ur time. If taking risks with
    10% of ur roll in favorable tournaments, with a plan to drop stakes till u
    rebuild if u lose half of it, is also helping u learn how to make more $’s
    in the future then why is it such a bad thing?

  10. the fact of the matter is, and the fact of the matter iiiis… your videos
    are great ! really helpful, especially for someone like me whos beating the
    games but always goes busto because of bad BRM

  11. I have followed all your videos on here and watched them numerous times
    over and over , you have some very interesting points , i started out
    playing live where i was and still am very successful at the limits i play
    , i have as yourself tried to go online and have not had any luck there , i
    havent lost much , but a loss is a loss no matter what the amount , i
    wanted to get some more insight as to what you might think i should do to
    make my online game as solid as my live game ,?

  12. If you are playing that tight you should try the 9 player table instead of
    6 because you get to see more hands before the blinds come back around.

  13. Just started seriously learning the game and wanting to get better at it. I
    think your videos are amazing and very informative. Keep up the good work

  14. at what point is there a need for good br management?1000?2000? if you play
    micros but work full time is there really a need for strict BRM when you
    can easly reload? its something u never hear,i mean at least 70% of poker
    players arent pro and need it as an income?there must be a threshhold and
    anything before doesnt really matter

  15. in that case poker is the same as a hobby like playing soccer, chess etc..
    the money you spend on it is like a contribution for your club.. But if you
    play poker for money it is about bankroll management..

  16. told us effectively nothing other then practice good BR management…i can
    do more by saying 3% for MTT 5% for cash leave after what you have in front
    of you =10% of you total BR

  17. Hmm i need to create a video about that. I should have a whole series on
    bankroll it’s the most important thing. it’s really relative. If you start
    from the very bottom and the lowest stakes you really don’t have a choice
    about bankroll. Ideally you want enough money to deal with variance both
    psychologically and statistically.

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