25 thoughts on “Poker Gameplay & Strategy Commentating With Athene #1

  1. lol post BB before its your turn on every table??? and then steal with 89o
    on button 5xbb raise first in??? my only guess would be that you act like
    your a super fish to the other players.

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  3. Ciao, mi chiamo dopeppino gigi e sono uno youtuber che ha molta voglia di
    migliorare. potete vedere il mio ultimo video? è il primo episodio di una
    serie sul POKER!!!! ho avuto quest’idea, mi sono posto un obbiettivo e in
    questa serie dovrò realizzarlo. ci ho speso tantissimo tempo e fatica per
    questo episodio di 6 minuti, il montaggio è stato snervante, quindi se lo
    vedete mi ripagate di questo sforzo 🙂 grazie e spero di avervi convinto…
    se il video vi piace, iscrivetevi e mettete like 🙂 !!

  4. weird cut off ending, but otherwise great video! It’s very good seeing the
    thought processes and commentary on each hand, and in this format there’s
    also less distractions, like trying to teach Reese some poker theory,
    instead it’s just straight play analysis, and I think this is much easier
    to follow and learn form, so please keep it up Athene! Really enjoying
    these poker videos!

  5. Please make more poker videos athene 🙁 ive been trying to go pro online
    for awhile but the department of justice is stopping me currently due to me
    being in the U.S. Hope you read this and keep up the great work.

  6. “you never get quads on micro stakes, whats up with that shit” love the
    vids man, keep up the good work !!!

  7. is it just me that cant see the new videos every hour?? or what?? I only
    saw 3 new vids from athene yesterday instead of 24?

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