25 thoughts on “POKER CHEAT ? ? ? TRICHE ??? SIGNAL AND CODE ???

  1. I cannot believe this kind of, nevertheless pokerstars gave me 100 percent
    down payment benefit as i opted with all the marketing code psp15562

  2. ban them, are you all stupid?, i would rather play them as they are telling
    me what cards they have…… its an easy game if you know their cards

  3. i dont get whats the cheat if they are telling each other what cards they
    have? are they playing as a team or what?? i dont get it

  4. Yes, they dont want to outplay each other. Notice A high= skratch top of
    head. AA = Scratch top of head with two hands. K high = Run fingers on
    forhead Q high. Scratch under eye and so one… 🙂 They are french so its
    normal behaviour. 🙂

  5. vous avez de la chance que Eric Cantona ta pas prit en flaggg..bonjour le
    gueulle ?, des crampons de 12 mn dans la face oui monsieurs

  6. How stupid and obvious! If only the third one could figure out their
    language, he could easily become the winner. These two should really be
    banned for forever!

  7. Libertè (of cheat),Egalitè (pasqualinì and rossì two equal bastard)
    Fraternitè ( sometime,but only for steal money)….et voilà les jeux sont
    fait !!!

  8. vous êtes nuls les gars j’ai trouvé un meilleur truc, tu pètes un coup à
    table et tout le monde se couche

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