13 thoughts on “Poker Bankroll Management Lesson – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Online Hold em Poker 2013

  1. my question is about live games cash games i played 1-2 nl max is 300.00 i
    bought in 200.00 for a session how many buy ins is your limit before
    quitting for a day?sometimes your card is not holding up early.thanks

  2. Well, I would argue that it isn’t half-sighted because I certainly don’t
    believe it will be followed my all. What I try to offer is sound advice for
    those who really want to improve and enjoy the game of poker. This channel
    has nothing to do with gambling, I personally don’t care for it. Thanks for
    the comment and giving me the opportunity to clear up my goals! – UR

  3. id like to try out online poker but i dont know any legit sites out there.
    any suggestions?

  4. Yeah, that is probably where I got that idea since he wrote my favorite
    poker book. Great quote, thanks!

  5. 4 to 5 hours is a really long session. There are lots of things you can try
    but it sounds like mental game issues. Check out my blog post on improving
    concentration. But I could never play well for more then 2-3 hours
    straight, I actually try to play 50 min sessions, but I play part time so I
    can get away with short sessions.

  6. Yeah these are complicated and very personal things. Sounds like maybe you
    need some work on the mental game, “Your Worst Poker Enemy” is a great book
    that talks on these issues.

  7. I forget who said it (maybe Tommy Angelo ?) but if you are not a winning
    player – no bankroll is big enough. you don’t need a bankroll, you need a

  8. I win more tables tham lose. But my losing sessions is my weakness, i may
    win 6/7 days but the 7th day absolute can kill me if i’m not paying
    attention to it. My live play is better well controlled with my bankroll
    but i lack discipline on online.

  9. Time management is more my weakness… I have worked it out Live but i need
    to work out a great structured time frame i play at a table… When to take
    breaks and how many buy-ins i lose before quitting for the day. recently i
    lost a lot of my bankroll and got tighter, i remade what i lost well just
    short of. And i kept going and lost more than i lost originally. This could
    be me learning that i have the ability to remake what i lost and cut it
    short when i downswing a second time.

  10. Another great video. I went busto a few days ago and had to reloade. For
    some reason I seem to lack some of the discipline online that i show in
    live games. I find that my range gets more lose after 4 or 5 hours of play
    online. It really is a huge discipline to stay focused. A quick thought on
    the 1 2 games esp at Bovada- there are some highly skilled players lurking
    those waters so enter at your own risk! “:)

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