25 thoughts on “Poker After Dark Season 7 Episode 67 – 200k Cash Game Part 1 – Episode 1 [S07E67]

  1. lol stupid ass comment by dwan about ivey being tilted in australia the
    last year. that was the year he skipped the aussie main event because of a
    family emergency. he even says that he had some things going on in his life

  2. Oppenheim is better than half this table. Man is a straight baller in cash
    games. Peat nits it up in this game. Elezra just gambles his nuts off.
    Antonius is a dangerous player but I think Oppenheim is still a much
    stronger cash game player

  3. Phil feels like playing high baccarat. Yeah guess he does have his rain man
    moments, too bad a certain london Gents casino didn’t make it rain on Ivey
    with a casual 13MIL

  4. Watching the PAD intro makes me think that Doyle Brunson could have been a
    great actor. His delivery is brilliant.

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