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  1. yea true, but an overbet jam gets Jx to fold rivers 😀 and with hellmuth’s
    super exploitable tendency to check monsters, i don’t think he has sets all
    that much

  2. i know what everybody is thinking right now but all in all phill made great
    comments on this one..i gotta admit!

  3. I love how Hellmuth was making a big deal that Durrrr might have sucked out
    on him, he only had 77, not like KK or something…I think that’s
    difference between live players and online players. Once you play enough
    hands online and have a few sessions where you get sucked out on every
    hand, you can just deal with these things so much better.

  4. So no, I don’t think Dwan ever has sets on the turn where Phil can have
    them. Dwan is more capped than Hellmuth in this spot so I don’t think
    floating twice is such a good idea,

  5. Probably because he knows that even if he’s beat by Hellmuth he’s not going
    to lose much money. He has 500k in his stack, hes been betting 20-40k in
    big pots and Hellmuth still only bets 7k on the river into a pot of 60k.
    Why not see what the river brings for what’s basically tipping money… and
    you know what? It works out.

  6. The intro: “An impressive sixsome we’ve lined up.” That’s just a Thursday
    night for Gus Hansen

  7. I think a double float is really too ambitious against a tight player like
    phil… sure he has 66-TT sometimes but a J or a set is in his range too,
    he never has air.. I don’t think he’s capped, he could definitely take this
    line with sets

  8. Hellmuth is so deluded. He honestly thinks he’s the best player in the
    world and even if he makes a bad play he will lamely attempt to justify it.
    He has no idea how to play these high stakes cash games. All these years
    and he treats somebody raising him like they’ve slept with his mother.

  9. Can someone explain what the hell dwan is doing calling 2 barrels from Phil
    Hellmuth donkbetting the flop into 3 players OOP with 66 on that board?

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