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  2. hell yeah. negreanu is a lil whiney, cocky bitch. he hates on helm uth ike
    a jealous little brother. he shud shut up and just accept that he is a good
    player, but NOT a great one like Ivey or Merson

  3. negreanu is such a hellmuth hater, meanwhile he is just a younger version
    of him. negreanu thinks he can play the new stye of poker which has these
    young guys dominating, but he’s just an old school guy in denile. stop
    hating on hellmuth, he is waqy better than u negreanu lil hater boy

  4. I just can’t believe what a douche Hellmuth is. I mean you can be
    billionaire that doesn’t change the fact you’re douche. “Honey Ferhuson
    just raised me 40k”… Just OMG what a retard.

  5. Man, I used to like Daniel so much. But the more I see him play, the more I
    see him call off bets with a losing hand, and ever since I have followed
    him on Twitter and have had to read all of his delusional, out of touch
    with reality whack-job “tweets”….I am just not that big of a fan anymore.
    Sure he is charismatic and can be pretty entertaining, but he is kind of a
    dick, and has way too big of an ego. Whatever. I’m just a small stakes
    grinder, what do I know.?

  6. He did go on a two day Twitter rant about the temperature at the World
    Series this year. He sounded like a little bitch. He even went so far as to
    demand that whoever was responsible for setting the AC temperature and
    making him feel cold should lose their job. And he was serious. This
    millionaire douche who doesn’t actually have to work to earn money wants
    some min-wage janitor to get fired because his puny little bitch ass was
    too cold?!?!? Fuck that.

  7. There’s no rules about it, it’s perfectly legal…. If it bothers you you
    can do the same thing.

  8. I enjoy this, but if you don’t then just be smart about it and either
    google who won or skip episodes to find out who wins quicker than actually
    watching the episodes. It makes no sense commenting on how much you dislike

  9. Two of the top 5 side effects of being a vegan are negative attitude and
    always being cold. He fits the bill perfectly. I also agree with everything
    you have commented. Very likable until you see his true identity.

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