25 thoughts on “Percy Jackson-poker face

  1. Okay, I admit the first movie sucked booty tickle, but am I the ONLY ONE
    that absolutely loved the whole Percy/ Annabeth fight scene? Like, I know
    it would never actually happen, and it was completely untrue, but it’s
    really funny…like she totally kicks his ass and then he kicks her ass and
    Luke’s off in the corner with the biggest smile on his face… I was
    honestly giggling through the entire thing.

  2. Even thought the movie wasn’t close to the books, the Lotus Casino scene
    was pretty freakin’ funny.

  3. It is my belief that any book by Rick Riordan is AWSOME!! I read 6 hours a
    day. In 6 hours I can read about 4-6 chapter books and all books that I
    read I record. I also record My favorite series and favorite author. Rick
    Riordan is #3 on my list of favorite authors.

  4. @johnny9147 No, I was commenting on how the lyric from the song lined up
    with the pen scene. I thought that it was funny, and… never mind.

  5. percabeth is awsomtastic and TO ALL PERCY JACKSON FANS AUGUST 18TH IS PERCY
    JACKSON DAY! (because its percys bday) and plz look up my video: percabeth
    teenage dream ~Percabeth123!~

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