25 thoughts on “PCA 2013: Open Face Chinese Poker Tutorial with Shaun Deeb

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  2. where in my comment did I say I didn’t understand? u sound like a fucking
    pathetic dumb fuck piece of shit who wants to suck on Shaun’s cock. go kill
    urself bitch

  3. you’ve gotta be a fucking retard cos i totally understand how to play it
    after watching this. strategy is harder to figure out but in terms of
    understanding. no problem.

  4. Do you realize that Open Face Chinese poker is played by the top pros, not
    just by luckers or I don’t know what group of people you’re describing?
    You’re talking like you know the pros and you know they don’t like this
    game, but that is nonsense – this is probably most favourite and played
    poker of last months and years. It’s fun, it has different action than
    Hold’em or Omaha, it’s just different. And pros play it – and it’s
    definitely not a waste of money. You just need to learn.

  5. watch a phil galfond video on omaha…you’ll just realize how bad and
    unintelligent you really are at it.

  6. if it was staged i dont think shaun knew about it. he’s too smart and knows
    how insanely staged it would look

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