11 thoughts on “PartyPoker.com Premier League Poker VI – Episode 1 Part 1

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  2. Such a great line up, love watching guys like Trickett, Esfandiari,
    Rettenmaier etc Shame the likes of Tilly and Laak are here but can’t be too

  3. Those groups are ridiculous! Group A doesn’t have one poor player in it!
    Group B only has 3 good players in it (Mercier, Reinkemeir, Kurganov)

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH I was really wanting Phil and Tilly to shut up so I could
    here what some of my favourite pros were saying 😀 Cheers man

  5. One commentator on each channel might have been cool, but the commentators
    on one, and the “action” on the other makes me a bit dizzy with headphones.

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