25 thoughts on “Party Poker Bankroll Challenge, from $100 to $10000

  1. I went from 0 in February to just under 20k here 7 months later. plus a
    trip to the WPT montreal main event.

  2. You are playing Partypoker from the US? Lock and Carbon were the only two I
    could identify as US sites..

  3. PartyPoker tilted me as soon as deposited my money….and that’s BEFORE I
    even put my first chip in a pot. I was so tilted by the interface and their
    fees(deposits and cashouts) after three days, I cashed out.

  4. I love these vids! Just railed you on the supernova freeroll, unlucky, had
    to shove there. Please do not play the fast forward poker, the normal stuff
    is a much “better” form of poker and I think you can exploit your edge over
    other opponents with your post flop skill and statistics. I intend to do
    pretty much the same, would be interesting to know whether you think 888 or
    partypoker is a better room to start grinding up my BR? GL on your
    challenge, and congrats on your 80 cents profit ha!

  5. Really nice video, and really good challenge. I’m gonna start doing this
    same too soon, but I’m gonna take 200 usd and play NL 10 🙂 So I have 20
    buy-ins becouse I’m not good as you. And probably just 1 table, I dont have
    HUD and I dont understand much of it either. Keep making these good videos,
    I just love to watch these and nice playing 🙂

  6. ty! After all your teaching I begun my first grind – up $50 (142.50 bb/100)
    lets hope I keep that up. A lot of fishes out tonight! ty again dude

  7. When are u doing the next session? and what time you usually play? would be
    cool to join u at the table lol

  8. After watch almost ur videos, and specialy that chalenge, start today my
    own “last chance” of poker online game. deposit 100$ on pokerplex and get
    200$ cashback in the next 3 months if unlock all the PPP, only 177 pppday,
    not that much, did my 1st session right now, almos 3hours, 1786 hands, in
    nl5 ( us uk and eur money) get up almost 4bi, i started nl5 with the 20bi,
    and hope get more from staking fishs and from the bonus, any special adivse
    i should take on ipoker games? thx allot for ur work

  9. I just recently subscribed…the playing, strategy talk and stories mixed
    in…great video, looking forward to more…zoom from time to time, but
    stay the course! Keep up the good work!

  10. 1. You’re a real video factory ! 2. Thank you for that ! 3. I love this
    challenge ! 4. Don’t play zoom or fast poker for the challenge (please) 5.
    Don’t play “without us” ! (please) 6. I’m waiting for the next video ! 7.
    GOOD LUCK !!!!!!

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