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  1. Players only poker gets me really aggravated. Im still a successful poker
    player on that site, but the amount of bullshit on it is hard to deal with.

    Someone give me your opinion if u also play on playersonlypoker

  2. Also, the psychology card is bs — that is non-measurable. Talk about
    numbers, not what you assume people think — when you do that, you sound
    unscientific, and a shill. Indeed, you spend most of your time talking
    about something you don’t know — what you assume people are thinking —
    instead of convincing us with numbers or explaining how the pRNG work. 

  3. i dont think poker is rigged, but rng’s can not be completely random, the
    computer follows instruction given by the writer to pick what seems a
    “random” number, but these are not truly random, rng’s follow patterns as
    such, they are written in algorithms and they have a seed, if u knew the
    algorithm n the seed these sites were using u would be able to determine
    exactly all the cards to follow, so if it was really random, how could u
    possibly know the cards to be dealt next

  4. I don’t get it, everybody complaining about online poker being rigged, yet
    most of the time, they say, “OMG I went all-in with AA or KK and lost on
    the river”. Can’t you just play aces or any monster hand smart, without
    trying to act like a movie big shot? I am sure that 99.999% of the people
    that say online poker is rigged, wouldn’t throw AA or KK for anything. Or
    they would keep calling with AKo on a board like T3295, just because, hey,
    it’s one of the biggest hands in poker. And yes, those hands also lose.
    Every hand wins, and every hand loses. You don’t like it, uninstall
    whatever client you’re using, and quit playing.

  5. I can’t agree with you more, about 1hr ago got A[h]A[d] all in preflop, got
    called by 8[d]3[c] unbelievable!
    Flopped a set on the flop, but got shot down by running clubs.
    Bad beat indeed, but that’s poker I guess.

  6. The sickest hand I played on pokerstars, were when I had preflop AA, one
    guy raises all in I call and one other guy call. Turns out the other ones
    had KK and QQ. Flop is AKQ, turn A river Q. That doesnt happend, if it isnt

  7. My balance statistic says that every time i play online Poker its only
    shrinking, i play live in casino most of the time i win. Online only lose.
    there is something fishy about online poker. 

  8. i have seen a lot of stupid people but this . no words. pokerstars have
    been caught playing with bots. the owner is fined for 500.000.000 dollar
    for fraud and money laundring. But the site is not rigged my god

  9. good vid my man. first time watcher. gonna check da rest. the majority of
    players that scream ‘it’s rigged’ are simply weak players that do not have
    enough insight to learn their flaws and improve their game. the last 3
    years I have been doing nothing but profit from several sites. I didn’t get
    there overnight though. I started as a donkey but I used my losses as
    learning experiences. EVERYONE takes bad beats! it is how you deal with
    them that seperates good from bad players. there are many reasons and ways
    hands are played but a few shoving allin pre…it’s all out of control
    after that. playing aces badly and being unable to fold em? not the sites
    fault, lol. do you know what can not be controlled(if it were rigged)? the
    players actions, bets, raises, calls, etc…. too many variables to list
    here. what I have learned and I apply it to life is my motto: muck and move

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSE! no need to respond to slow playing
    too much, seeing so many hands, etc. forget the actual question was pre
    flop, when you lose 82% of the time with the best hand all in post flop
    when you’re 90%+ fav. the flops are so coordinated, you’d think a gay
    fashion designer created these sites!!!!! lots of reason for these sites to
    cheat – greed! sorry, but you’re wrong!

  11. If anyone did any real research then it would be quiet easy to work out the
    deviation of the average board shows relative to a true randomly generated
    set of community cards at all the poker sites and if you play at a site
    that ends up with a lot of juiced boards shows eveyrtime its heads up and
    you see frequent straights, flushes and full houses then you know this is
    not how real poker plays out on average so dont use those sites.

  12. well one thing i find weird is a lot of random players have that typical
    username : ” nameNUMBER” maybe a lot of people like to use that kind of
    nick but can’t they be bots?!?!

  13. online poker is rigged ….im a good “REAL POKER” player , but i cant win n
    Pokerstars…sorry but RNG is bullshit

  14. Howmany times do you see people going all-in with a K J suited? K J is a
    fold in the first positions or a small raise. When they lose the hand
    against a 8 8 they cry it s rigged….no you played the hand wrong by going

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