25 thoughts on “Online Poker is rigged – An investigative report proving online poker is rigged.

  1. LMAO – buddy, did the dealer show up for your special investigation from
    party poker? This is 32 seconds I will never get back

  2. explain to us where the money that was laundered to utah and other banks
    came from? no need if you have real accounts playing and full
    accountability, if thats all you are doing, taking rake. you fail.

  3. this has got to be a joke. you are saying the game gave one player 3 aces.
    if the website is rigged why would they be so incompetent as to show you
    outright that it is rigged? no glitch is that big on a website as big as
    fulltilt. there were other instances as well, like “oh the guy has an extra
    hand” if he had an extra hand would the website show you? most likely not.
    it wants you to keep playing. since you seem intent on also sounding like a
    jackass I will assume this is some sort of parody.

  4. there’s also a documentary that we never went to the moon. there’s a
    documentary that all the victims of the Boston bombings are actors hired by
    the government to trick the American people. If it was PROVEN the poker
    sites are rigged there wouldn’t be tens of thousands playing today on the
    all the sites – unless of course poker players are the dumbest people on
    the planet…which may be true anyway.

  5. Haha nice video 😀 All the tilted donks searched for a real video proving
    that online poker is rigged and just got into a parody and that’s why it
    has so many dislikes 😀 get good and keep grind on mind

  6. Who would benefit? If I am a bad person and had a poker website I need to
    make quick profits. What is easier way then to have employees steal cash
    from the clients themselves. As long as you are using a software to play
    odds can be manipulated. That is why I play online for fun and not invest
    in it at all. I leave the real game to the casino.

  7. online poker is rigged full stop u fukin moron how can it not be? do you
    have proof its not, i have proof i play the shit every day and watch the
    same old shitty patterns it plays, pros are only pros because they know how
    the rng works full stop. how many different hands can be dealt millions, so
    why do we keep seeing the same old fking shit aa vs 69o loss (big
    stackwins) aa v aq loss big stack wins river flush) aa v 47o loss(big stack
    wins) and so on and so on all pre flop of course

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