25 thoughts on “O.A.R – That was a crazy game of poker lyrics

  1. My freakish cousin managed to make the hottest stripper I’ve ever seen fall
    in love with him as he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). It’s bad but
    I wish I was excited for him but I dream an incredible person would fall in
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  2. This song reminds me when music had purpose and meaning and told a cool
    original unique story with its message like American Pie, Boy Named Sue,
    Carry on Wayward son, Stairway to Heaven, even Sublime had cool , random
    stories in their tracks…This song smells like Whiskey , Cards, and 420
    when I hear it and it takes me back to my youth

  3. Song of ze day. It isn’t what I normally listen to, but there is something
    about some good ol’ Folk/Rock music.

  4. I tried to show this to my class a few years back, but there were no lyrics
    videos, and the teacher wouldn’t show it unless it had lyrics. Thought I’d
    check back now and here it is. I appreciate you putting this up, if only it
    had been just a year earlier!

  5. Seen them tonight in lewiston new york great show me and my boys jammed all
    night ! Love this band

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