25 thoughts on “MMD – ポーカーフェイス (Poker Face) 60fps Upload ver.

  1. does anyone have a dance tutorial for this? @-@ it’s kind of fast and I
    can’t really catch up.. please? 🙂

  2. I love how they don’t all move at the same time sometimes when they are all
    doing the same choreography! It really makes the realism skyrocket! Amazing

  3. This is incredibly smooth MMD animation work. I am very impressed,
    especially with the physics on their hair and clothing. By “Motion Trace:
    Danceroid” does this mean the dance movements were copied from a Danceroid
    performance and transcribed to MMD motion data? That is almost too much to
    believe. My gob is smacked!

  4. I love how the new MMD models/graphics look. They look like action figures.
    >w< And Poker Face is one of my favorite songs. <3

  5. when i get into highschool, if i have 3 otaku friends… GUESS WHAT, im
    gonna try to get them to do this with me :3

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