25 thoughts on “Lady GaGa Poker Face Tutorial

  1. omg she changed*o* she used to have a little round chin and now its pointy
    and she has a long face:( I liked her better before now i think her voice
    is artificial and unatural in her new videos its annoying I feel like she
    is reading a script-.- (forgive the bad english Im french!)

  2. OMG it’s been 4 years since i first subbed to you
    thiswas the first video i ever watched of yours, your are amazing

  3. Michelle, your first 3 links are now invalid since this video is old. You
    are losing a fortune in lost revenue. You should find new links to replace
    the invalid ones.

  4. Wow this was so long ago and Michelle looks so young here :O Haha both she
    and Lady Gaga have come so far. (Wasn’t this her debut song?)

  5. No YOUR amazing~ I see your user name. You can’t hide it. *whispers* You
    can’t hide the junior. My goodness, I Iove Super Junior!!!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe ti’s been 4 years since this video came out! I
    remember watching it when it was first uploaded! Congrats Michelle for
    coming this far!

  7. You are an amazing person, you know that? Two top comments and a Doctor Who
    reference. *applauds*

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