25 thoughts on “Lady GaGa – Poker Face [Official Music Video] HQ

  1. ART – PLOP – they just renamed the new album after sales plopped into the
    toilet faster than a turd.

  2. I wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be
    A little gambling is fun when you’re with me, I love it
    Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun
    And baby when it’s love if it’s not rough it isn’t fun, fun

  3. Just in the spirit of the upcoming Poker Vampires ebook give away, the
    “old” classic from Lady Gaga “Poker Face” 🙂 – soon to be used in the
    upcoming youtube video about “How To Beat Online Poker Vampires” as well

  4. #wakeywakey

    Good morning everyone. Finding myself having to do this this morning before
    I got to work and now here at work. If people only knew…


  5. sure, SURE, SUUUUURRRRREE!!!!!!! LADY G,A,G,A,!!!!!!….
    ….i was (still have been) too in dark depression all the Queen GaGa
    time…..!!!!!! true2!!! 538 & the lady !!!!…. dankjewel voor je
    reminder!!!….*^____^*……& today! ik wordt S,U,P,E,R < up raised...>
    by, U,S,H,E,R!!!!!!!…..*^_________^* SeRiO,U,S,LY!!!!!…. dank je well
    AlleMMMMAAAALLLLLL!!!!!!!……xxxxxxxxxxxx & H &

  6. Dearest Mother Monster,
    I know you probably won’t see this BUT I am A major monster and I would
    like it if you would please try to come to Atlanta, GA on your next tour. I
    would also like you to see my photobucket.com account but I know your busy
    my name is jilly2012 if you ever get the chance. I love you Mother Monster.

  7. Lady Gaga suffers concussion after accidentally being hit on the head on
    stage in Auckland, but as always the show must go on!
    Play “Poker Face” on TubeHero: plus.google.com/games/480851496627

  8. i just got done watching applause compared to that song with her in it she
    looks sooooooooooo young in this one video i mean like holy shit man

  9. mamama,a,a,amamamm

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