25 thoughts on “Lady Gaga -Jingle Bells & Poker Face Live(Jingle Bell Ball) HD

  1. omg im so glad the hear tht song in 2013 so happy so happy im gonna cry
    love Gaga so so much her voice like in 2008 shes always same she never
    change love her sososomuch my flawless perfect queen

  2. Fun fact: The chords she uses in the beginning and at min 2:08 are from a
    song of hers called “Captivated” Which she wrote and sang before becoming
    famous, and i think that it is one of the most beautiful pieces she has
    ever written.

  3. Pepepepepep Poker face pepepep Poker Face (WTF pepepepe?) Mary Cristmas
    (aww she said that so cute!)

  4. I swear when I heard the notes on the piano play I immediately screamed. I
    never thought I would hear her play Poker Face on the piano again. I know
    it’s silly to think that but it’s seems so long, yet not so long ago, when
    you think about how far she’s come in the last five years! :)

    Just Dance’
    ‘Bad Romance’
    ‘Born This Way’
    Thankyou :))

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