25 thoughts on “Jerry Yang – 2007 WSOP Main Event Champion

  1. Yo He Laos man When He Born There Was A Vietnam War During That Time Around
    The 1967 Until 19 70 Somthing Lots Of Things Goes Terrible During That War
    And Many People Is Poor In Laos too .House Was Destroy Many Bomb And
    Killing.So That Great For Him to Win. Also Im Laos too.And Hmong Sa Bai De
    jerry yang

  2. man watch what you say… you’re just a racist peace of shit.. you pray on
    the toilet when you’re taking a shit.. you’re the joke freak..

  3. Notice the way they never mentioned that donkey Jamie Gold i think everyone
    in the poker world despises him.

  4. lol! you can be a better player but luck always plays a part in poker. So
    go home and wish you have as much luck as this guy.

  5. if your hmong and your hating on him, you must be white washed. cus the amn
    fought for it. against ll rednecks in there own game. mad props to him. hes
    actually putting us hmongs on the map in a positive light. so you haters go
    drink your 2 dollar beer and shut up.

  6. jerry is a humble man. he is heart giving, he bought his wife a brand new
    cadillca how ever you spell it escapade… how’s the house at woodward
    jerry! congragts

  7. for all you people hating on jerry… back off.. luck just was by him
    through it all the way.. so if you wanna talk crap. you’re just jealous..
    and for the americans to say that the world is already at peace.. mah
    ass…. you better check this world..

  8. He doesn’t care what you guys think (at least I wouldn’t!) Who cares if he
    likes God or not. Bottom line he won and he’s Rich Bitch unlike all you
    Haters! Yangs all the way BABIE!

  9. yang is a great man, im glad he won LOL at 00:56, “We’ve had great
    champions like Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem” (talking about ambassadors)
    Jamie Gold just got burned, LMFAO

  10. Lol heads up with Jesus!!! That would be fun since u can ask for
    forgiveness and get ur money back

  11. hey fuck head! do you know u can never call an asian gook in front of their
    face, cause u get beat the fuck down, or kill, u fool! try that shit
    tomorrow to some asian down the street “not a nerd”, and you’ll be surprise
    your not going to be in a 1 on 1 fight

  12. anybody can win this silly tournament. its all about luck and catching
    cards. if you want to play real poker play high stakes cash games.. those
    are the only real games

  13. You don’t have to believe in God, but making racist remarks is uncalled
    for, punk ass bitch. Call me a gook in front of my face bitch.

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