25 thoughts on “Insane hand! Quads vs quads! Live poker bad beat jackpot

  1. So P1 get quads on the turn and checks (bad but I get it)…P2 has a
    fullhouse on the board and it’s checked to him, no bet (real bad)?
    Obviously P1 wanted to c/r the guy and all the money goes in at that point,
    but they both were so worried about the other folding out worse hands they
    slow rolled to death. It at least would’ve made the river more exciting
    when they went all in on the turn and he saw he was crushed by quads vs.
    his Full-House and then his made quads on the river. 

  2. Jason Zulick , its a bad beat jackpot for 100,000$ everybody at the table
    splits it lol hows that unlucky, this is the best thing that coulda
    happened to the guy with 3’s

  3. Outside that this is a sick hand….this video is bad and so is the
    commentary. It’s almost as if the casino loss prevention is calling this
    hand. Dude with four 3’s just got unlucky. Sucks.

  4. Its not a bad beat, but that series of cards was a bit of a cooler for the
    33. By the river the only thing he was losing to was QQ. On the flop was
    only losing to QQ and 99. Set over set always feels dirty.

  5. If we’re all discussing the hand in the video.. He does say its a bad
    beat.. He states bad beat jackpot… Because they don’t look at what you’re
    all going on about. Quads vs quads is eligible for bad beat jackpot… But
    whatever, 100k payout, for them.

  6. How is this in any way shape or form a badbeat? QQ had 33 crushed preflop,
    on life support on the flop and completely dead on the turn…

  7. It’s kind of hard to call that a bad beat when you had action options on
    the flop, turn, and river…and were beat from the flop on.

  8. Unless you play on Full Tilt. Then you really just need to do well in a
    tornament and make the mistake of not withdrawing. Welcome to your lower
    quads ;).

  9. so basically he out flopped you and you kept paying him …. not only its a
    bad story for a bad beat (bad beat is where all the money goes in when you
    have the best hand and still looses ) its not that big deal for a bad beat
    when you loose to runner runner after the all in come back to the forum big

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