25 thoughts on “Idina Menzel – Poker Face (from LIVE: Barefoot at the Symphony)

  1. 4.35-5.25 that was hilarious. but she’s got a very good point. 5.19
    ‘what-the-fuck?!’ love her so much.

  2. SHE JUST MADE POKER FACE MUCH MORE MAGICAL. It feels like an intermission
    to a Broadway musical.. IT’S JUST SO MUCH BETTER!

  3. I love her and she looks really like she is the mother of rachel berry hope
    she does more on glee soon

  4. And I MIGHT have noticed it if the whole title of this video actually
    registered in my stupid brain. ^_^; ‘Barefoot at the Symphony’. It didn’t
    register that it might mean literally! I’ll see myself out now.

  5. THE FACE AT AROUND 3:50 WHERE SHE’S LIKE “Yes, I just nailed that riff,
    whatcha gonna do?” is PERFECT.

  6. So someone is only a good singer if they have a powerful voice? As a
    softer-voiced singer myself, I guess there’s no hope for me! XD I
    personally think Idina has just the right amount of power, but she also
    knows when NOT to use it. 🙂 She simply re-stylized the song. (Well,
    technically Glee did, but I digress.) It’s an adaptation of a song, and
    adapted in a way where she didn’t need to make every note a power-house
    blow-your-socks-off note. 🙂

  7. I love Idina Menzel. Her voice holds such power. But she did not do this
    song as well as Lady Gaga. Please don’t kill me!

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