25 thoughts on “HUGE BEST-OF OF Phil IVEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POKER

  1. I’m sorry, but he really should have folded on that last hand, he was lucky
    as hell to win off of that.

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  3. Some of these plays aren’t great what so ever, he just caught the better
    cards.. like the last video or the 8888.. Those are not great plays and
    they’re most definitely not “best of..” material.

  4. Trust me there are dealers out there that can do just that. I had it happen
    to me in a poker tournament and when I folded the best hand the dealer
    peeked at my cards I folded while the other players were still in play.
    Kinda shady for a dealer to peek at a player’s cards after a fold, I mean
    really now…that right there says that dealers have power to deal certain
    hands. If you were there and saw that dealer’s face when he looked at the
    cards I folded you would be a believer too.

  5. its so annoying to think these probably aren’t all of Ivey’s best plays
    think of all the great plays he’s done that haven’t been caught on camera

  6. hahahahaahahah……. Legendary comment in youtube. Phil ivey dealer
    illicit relationship. are you serious???/

  7. some people think he is from outer space. but i believe he is a fucking
    genius that wants to show Phil Hellmuth who really is the best poker player
    on this planet.

  8. i think he pays the dealer to tip off what the players have. He always
    stares at the dealers like hes looking for a tell. Some dealers are so good
    they can deal out whatever they want to all the players

  9. No. Ask a Professional about it. Every play you make might run into aces.
    You cannot blame yourself or change your strategy because he MIGHT have
    aces. Aces comes rarely and most of the time these plays are made with a
    marginal hand. Phil Ivey does make some bad plays sometimes. But that is
    not one of them. Look at the stack sizes, look at the blinds and the
    position, Phil Ivey has no choice. He just didn’t knew he had aces…
    because he is a player and a human, like everybody else

  10. I agree. The last play should be the all-in from Phil against Quinn at the
    heads up, AA and a 8 on the board, Phil full house A8o and Quinn call with
    two pairs AA88. Genius =)

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