25 thoughts on “How To Read Poker Players |10 Obvious Poker Tells

  1. This is only really meant when you play amateurish players at a 1/2 NL or
    2/4 Limit Table. Players like myself love to exploit some of these tips
    onto those tables. You’ll be surprised what information you can receive
    when you use these tips and further push them when you talk to them. Their
    Reactions to your words can make or break them.

  2. i sat with a messy stack one time heads up because i won such a big pot
    that the other guy couldnt even cover the small blind

  3. basically use all his secrets to bluff. act nervous, throw your stack out
    sloppy and fix it, make a nervous tskk, shoulder shrugg, act depressed

  4. in the 80s this tips maybe would work but nowadays you are going to broke
    if u make decisions because of this idiot tells.

  5. my gut tells me that mike caro has killed before and will kill again. he
    was acquitted on a technicality of raping and killing a woman in early 70s.
    He bashed a 12yr old girls head with a bat shortly after and plead no
    contest. he is a dangerous man.

  6. ill tell u right now ive won big pots before and just left my stack all
    messy, ive done this several times before

  7. What are you talking about? They should definitely sit down at a poker
    table. In fact, I’ll save a spot at mine for them.

  8. dunno what fish u guys play w/but there are players like this at my local
    brick n mortar who window watch w/tha nuts ect

  9. It’s not that there isn’t useful information here. It’s the constant “now
    you have unlocked the mysteries of poker” comments that make it so lulzy.
    There are far, far, far more important skills you need to become an
    excellent player. Anyone who thinks they are going to “master the table”
    after watching this is going to get annihilated.

  10. Did anyone find any bit of this helpful? If so, you should never sit down
    at a poker table EVER… or at least not until you get some real advice.

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