25 thoughts on “High Stakes Poker SEASON 6 Episode 7

  1. Miserable river check by Daniel at 27:00. If you’re not value betting
    there against Dwan you’re just giving your money away. Switch the hands
    and 100% Daniel loses more money. Stick to tournaments Daniel!

  2. haha you guys should put the automatic captions on throughout the whole
    episode, its hilarious! youtube needs better software

  3. 37:23 lol Phil Ivey: “Not 1 queen out that was good. That’s a good sign for
    you”. Second run ace right on the window Barry: “Uh oh…” Phil: “That’s

  4. I’m not sure 100%. He clearly has skills but I just don’t like something
    about his personality. He is by far the player who always seems to have
    more luck than everyone else and when he makes which is clearly the wrong
    play. He gets away with it. I’m not sure he will win any Bracelet’s as well
    which is kind of a must for any decent players.

  5. negreanu is such weak cash player. When he said he would represent AK
    versus dwan it does not make any sense. He always calls with that hand.

  6. Lol, i love it when Dwan loses a hand, he looks up at the sky like ” This
    isn’t the deal we had!”

  7. totally agree with you. hes an awesome poker player but luck always seems
    to be on his side.. plus with the crazy image hes made for himself he gets
    away with huge bluffs.

  8. dwan on hsp….so fkn lucky , im his fan but damn – that being said i do
    understand that he puts himself in position to GET lucky alot…and it
    works out for him ….lucky fucker

  9. dennis phillips is out of his element…im not sure whos worse between him
    and phil laak, but i do know that mike baxter is better than both of them.

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