25 thoughts on “HIGH STAKES POKER Episode 8

  1. 13:48 lol you can see laak purposely pushing his cards onto howard to make
    his cards turn face up… jedi mind tricks he’s got there… then blames it
    on howard by calling him a dumbass lmao. god i love laak

  2. I’d like to see Norman Chad as narrator…cool dude and comical also. I’d
    also love to see Poker After Dark return to broadcast t.v…dream on girl!

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  4. How anyone plays poker online is beyond me. But then again, they are
    probably the same people who play slot machines. Cheating is very easily
    achieved in a live game, let alone playing under the control of a software.
    If people can write the program, they can use it to cheat. Lederer is his
    buddies used other means, but it’s the same idea.

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