25 thoughts on “Hetalia ~ Poker Face

  1. Nah, He WAS Russia at one point in history until he lost all power and Fell
    and Yup! :3 Now here he is today. :3

  2. this has nothing to do with the video but I feel like Italy has a bit of a
    dark side, and I don’t mean Dark Hetalia or 2p, I just mean normal,
    original, Italy. especially after watching the episode of Beautiful world
    when they talk about their horror movies.

  3. oh~! oh~! Sweden has a Poker face~! it usually scares Finland.. and me
    sometimes… but imagine what would happen if he SMILED!! world war three
    would happen!

  4. i just wanted to say thank you to who ever made this anime! i’m already at
    the top of my Texas History class and it was the first day of class and i’m
    already known as the girl who knows most of the stuff then the rest! and
    they say Anime is bad! well FrUk them! and they say Fan-fictions are bad
    well they suck i got a bit of history off some fan-fic!

  5. While I’m listening to this I started saying:”Can’t beat my,can’t beat my
    no you can’t my Brooklyn Rage.” And then England told me to shut up.

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