25 thoughts on “Great Poker Hand WSOP Main Event 2013 Phil Ivey vs Mader

  1. Amazing fold, this man knows how to play poker! He knew there were so many
    hands beating him.. He thought ivey was playing AQ… all bad players call
    in that spot…

  2. Really cool spot. Based on the line Mader took, he could be certain that
    Ivey knew exactly what he had, top pair that had just made trips. Ivey
    decided to abandon the balanced, GTO play of betting around half pot, where
    he would be representing very few bluffs, but a range of hands, some of
    which did not have Mader beat. Instead, thinking an amateur would be
    incapable of laying down trips, Ivey went for the exploitative, polarizing
    play, all in. It didn’t work because Mader understood that his hand was
    face up, and he knew Ivey would never try to bluff an amateur off trips,
    which turned Ivey’s range of the nuts or nothing into just the nuts, making
    folding the only play. 

  3. mader made it clear that he had top pair after the flop. ivey decided to
    push him all in when he got the trips on the river. but mader made the good
    laydown. if mader woyldnt get the trips on the end there, ivey would
    probably have bet 1/3 or something, just to squeeze more out, and he would
    have got it.

    props for an amature playing like this against a pro who likes to push him

  4. Much respect, I couldn’t see myself getting away from this hand. I’m sure
    I’ll get replies saying how they could but at the end of the day none of
    them are making a living on poker so it’s a moot point.

  5. First of all, I must say: FUCK YOUTUBE & GOOGLE+ for being such a huge pain
    in the ass for millions of people!!

    And now, for my actual comment: I didn’t like the shove by Ivey. When Mader
    folded the river, you can see Ivey’s microexpression of contempt. He knew
    he should have value bet instead of being greedy.

  6. Ivey is starting to look… old. I guess he’s approaching 40, he’s starting
    to look it too. A weathered face. I guess i watch too many old clips of him
    only around 30.

  7. wow! very nice fold, unpro players wouldv snap call that, it happened to me
    before i folded it because my kicker wasn’t that high , trip kings with 10
    kicker folded, the other guy showed his hand , he had 7-7 fullhouse so i
    did good to 😛 , im not pro but i am a good player, most of my loses %90
    luck like i flop a set of 9’s or 8’s then i go all in , they call with J-J
    or straight draw and then they hit always on the damn river.

  8. I’m not sure that early check-raise was the best move. What if Mader had
    been making a continuation bet with A-K? He would have folded early. Even
    the all in bet on the river was questionable. Mader would have called a big
    bet but not an all in bet.

  9. ivey twitched at 41 seconds or so…a girl did that at a table once..and
    she hit….so kinda obvious…

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